UPDATE: During these troubling times, the ACDA is very concerned about our dance community. We desperately want to provide venues for our dancers and instructors. However, COVID-19 has caused many problems trying to provide a safe place for folks to dance and has caused many events to cancel. We will continue to monitor the conditions in our communities and make decisions going forward that we feel are in our dancer’s best interest. If we can have any of the remaining events safely, we will. But we will be at the mercy of the ongoing conditions in each city. We meet weekly and are committed to updating you in the most timely manner possible! We respect you and are thankful for your time and commitment to the ACDA circuit. We love you, our dance community, and can’t wait to be back together again!

Waltz Across Texas

October 9 – 11, 2020

The Last Stop Before ACDA Nationals

Country Two Step Tour

Register by Noon on October 10

Over $5K in Top Teacher Prizes!

$300 Each for Top Male & Female Student


Reserve at the group rate through 9/19!


Pro Am 9-Dance Championship